Instructions (Memory Foam Leg Pillow)

The only pillow that supports your legs & knees

The Memory Foam Leg Pillow® gives sleepers the comfort dreams are made of.

Better support, improved posture to provide comfort for:

  • Back pain & sciatica relief
  • Stress on your hips or hip replacement recovery
  • Knee support to eliminate bone on bone discomfort
  • Pregnancy support for improved sleep
  • Spine alignment for side sleeping
  • Helps comfort arthritis in back, hips, legs or knees
  • Surgery recovery or replacement surgery support
  • Total leg support (when you use 2 together)

Features & Benefits

  • Ventilated Memory Foam
  • Ergonomic for all body types
  • Supports legs & knees
  • Promotes cooler nights sleep
  • Move freely at night
  • Made to fit men & women
  • Removable, washable pillow cover

Instant Alignment Upgrade

Alleviate unwanted pressure and discomfort by

properly supporting your body to align your

back, hips, legs & knees.

Cooler Nights Sleep

Ventilated memory foam pillow promotes

breathability and airflow. Or try Legacy Deluxe

with cooling PCM layer!

Universal Fit

Ergonomic design to contour to your body

shape, perfect for men & women!